Be ready, for change.
We are Siamese if you please. 
I get distracted more easily than a five year old.




Why have I been staring at this for 5 minutes?

do you know how awesome this is.

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why are there no knock-knock jokes about freedom

because freedom rings


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when someone younger than you disrespects you


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my life goal is to reblog this every monday
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English Teacher Because….

As far back as I can remember I always loved playing “teacher”. I had my own chalkboard/marker board that I wrote on. I also had a few old text books I got from recent teachers I used as well. I would do this all day. 

When teachers finally let us start helping to grade papers or write on the board I was the first to volunteer. For most of my electives in high school I was a teachers aid. I learned a few grading scales and how to put grades into the system. For as long as I can remember teaching has always been with me…

English, because I love literature, poetry…symbolism…I love to read and write….and by nature and by practice I am horrible at math. 

I guess I posted this to clarify for myself why I have chosen my carrier path. I want to influence and be inspiring. Just as my recent teachers have been to me, I want there to be some sort of decent influence as well to a younger deteriorating generation. 

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I can’t.” His hands were fists at his sides; she could see them trembling. “Tessa, I think you had better go.”
“Will, please—”
“No.” He jerked his gaze away from hers, averting his face, his eyes fixed on the floor. “I’ll tell you anything you want to know tomorrow. Anything. Just leave me alone now.” His voice broke unevenly. “Tessa. I’m begging you. Do you understand? I’m begging you. Please, please leave. (via annaolphant)

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favorite female characters: Tessa Gray

"Men may be stronger, but it is women who endure."
  • plot twist: you are everyone's first choice.
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